Marc J. Kleinman | Panoramic | Christmas on the Canyon's Rim

Christmas on the Canyon's Rim

Subject: La Sal Mountains
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
The only clouds on this Christmas Eve day in Canyonlands are those hovering in stillness over the peaks of the La Sal Mountains. But all is not still atop the towering northern rim that overlooks the vast canyons and Colorado River twisting and turning 2,000 feet below: the wind is so ferocious in this place, one can barely hear their own thoughts. Having swept and tumbled across the desert flats for hundreds of miles building unfettered momentum, the wind is suddenly confronted with these monumental cliffs; forced upward in a massive, continuous rush, the screaming air hugs tight to the rim as it clears its hurdle and continues its long journey to the Rockies.